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3D Origami - Chibi Loki by Jobe3DO
by Jobe3DO

It is very cool. I was unaware you could make a round chibi thing out of triangle bits. I believe it looks in proportion for a chibi, b...

Autumn Pearls by Photopathica

I really like how the light glistens off of both the rain drops and the leaf itself. It rather looks like I could reach through the scr...

Who, Me? by tanikel
by tanikel

I like how your cat is reaching out of the picture towards the viewer. Her/His expression is also very cute, and deceptively innocent l...

The wind's whisper. by dragonfly-oli

The flowers motion is very neat, albeit a bit more jerky than I was expecting. The starting and stopping is a bit sudden, but they move...


Adopt a Cat by Hannah2070
Adopt a Cat
This is a very pretty kitty who is available for adoption. She was sitting on my lap and purring today. If you went to find a suitable cat for yourself to adopt, you too could have a cuddly cat!
But Hoooooman! by Hannah2070
But Hoooooman!
This cat is clearly never ever ever fed, and must beg us to feed him when we make knishes.

Spoiler alert, he's a fat ass.
Triptych (Third Panel) by Hannah2070
Triptych (Third Panel)
And the final panel! Once again, from the essay-

Ah now, the third panel, or the one on the far right.  Now. This is a very stylized vision of the Kaaba in Mecca. The dark box in the middle is the Kaaba itself. It is dark and has gold banding/writing wrapping around the top. It came out as yellow, as I’ve never tried to work with any of the metallic paints before and didn’t want to experiment on this. Swirling around the Kaaba, bound by the dark red line, is the flow of people. They circle around it. From high in the air and with time-lapse photographs, they look like bright blurs or lines. The sun is high in the sky in the right hand side. This is actually mostly to off-set the moon from the first panel, not just for the sake of the sun being in the sky. Otherwise, it would have been placed so more of it could be seen. There are fluffy white clouds in the sky. They are laid over the blue background, so they have that faint blue tone to them at so many clouds seem to have. This is mostly from my own memories from childhood, not of anything I’ve seen, as I’ve never gotten to go to Mecca. I just like to think that this is how it would look when or if I got to go there.  It is much brigher than the other two panels, which I hope is how my future plays out. This is mostly made with color, shape, and line. Shape obviously in the Kaaba itself, but also in the clouds and sun. Line was emphasized as the Kaaba is made of lines. Lines of people, lines from the buildings themselves, lots of lines. I used acrylic paint for this panel. I like how the acrylic paint looks, which should be obvious by this point.  I like how it came out well enough.

Triptych (Second Panel) by Hannah2070
Triptych (Second Panel)
Second panel! And once again, from the essay-

This is the middle panel. It is a stylized portrait of me.  It is off center, as I often feel off-center and unbalanced. The only thing visible of me is my eyes. I am wearing a dark (not black) head scarf with a grey niqab or face veil. I am wearing very dark grey abaya or dress, though since it cuts off at the shoulders, which is slightly hard to tell. In the middle of my chest is a circle cut out that holds a small image of a grey kitten with pink nose and ears. This is my sister’s cat, an old cat of ours. The cat is there in her place, as I thought it a better symbol, and clearer. We both love cats and I love my sister, so I thought to combine the two together. This panel is in shades of black and white with a small amount of red thrown in to make the pinks. I choose to emphasize value shades in this panel mostly because I am fairly depressed (diagnosed as such) and the world is very dark. But that’s why I’m pink and the kitten as pink, because not everything must be that dark! I am working on overcoming my depression, which is why the space above my head is white, for hope. Maybe one day it will be white in real life, and not like I have storm clouds over me. I used acrylic paint and pencils on this panel. Pencil was used for the kitten’s face; acrylic paint was used on the rest. And the white space is not painted, it is straight illustration board. I have always liked paint and pencils, so I choose this for the middle panel. This mostly emphasized shape and line. I like how you can make a person using only a few lines and some shape, and still have it be immediately recognizable as such, so I wanted this panel to show that. I think it works well, as plain as it is.

Triptych (First Panel) by Hannah2070
Triptych (First Panel)
This is the first panel (obviously). Let me say what I said in the essay that goes with this piece-

The first panel, or to say, the one on the far left is a nature scene. It is set at night, hence why it is so dark. In the upper left hand corner is the moon, made from black construction paper. I liked the contrast of it being black instead of white, and I liked how the opposition piece came out with the construction paper, so I combined the two. Along the lower edge is a river. I have lived near water my entire life, to the point where it is almost always in my dreams, even.  I like green hills, so. They are meant to look similar to the land in Montana, but well, Montana is very hard to capture when you have no good pictures of where you want to be. The path, which is a tinted yellow, goes back into the hills. It is meant to be going to a home, but of course, it is hidden by the hills, all safe and sound. The tree is…meant to be a Weeping Willow tree. We had one on our front lawn in (hometown), and if I ever get the chance, I rather want to have another tree just the same. They are very pretty, and remind me quite strongly of my childhood. The sky is dark blue, for night. I always liked looking at stars, took astronomy classes and all. There are stars in the sky, white ones, but it’s not of any particular night sky arraignment.  I primarily choose to emphasize color, as the memories from childhood have a lot of color to them. Secondary would be shape, as well. I used acrylic paints and construction paper for this panel. I like how vibrant the colors are with acrylics, and the construction paper sets it off nicely. I do believe it was successful with what I wanted to do, yes.

I am not dead, just very very very busy with classes. I am so sorry for not posting much, but I'm currently trying to not go insane.

If I get the chance, I'll bring my camera to the place I'm volunteering at (it's for Sociology) and take some pictures of very very adorable cats. Or maybe just very bad pictures with the phone. Whichever. They are seriously adorable cats.

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